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Server Packeting Protection

Server Packeting Protection
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Many servers may have noticed considerable lag with pings rising into the hundreds, if not thousands. Their connection can handle the players, but seemingly randomly, it will start lagging.

If you are confused as to why this is happening, I have the answer. It's a command called "fullupdate". When it is spammed thousands of times in a script, it creates a lag spike that takes approximately 2 seconds to dissipate.

When several people with this script initiate the attack at the same time, it will cause a wave of lag that does not stop. There are groups who have made an art of it, leaving no trace that they ever initiated the command. Most GoldSrc(HL1 engine) servers are vulnerable. (Excluding Counter-Strike) Counter-Strike is NOT vulnerable

The "fullupdate" command is used by some innocent Half-Life features, so I have come up with a solution that does not have false positives.

This plugin fully supports amxbans, so there is no editing required. It has been used by me and a select group of others to protect their servers since early 2008.

sv_fullupdate_action - What action to take. (0 = block only. 1 = ban. 2 = warn, then ban. 3 = warn and block only)

[+/-] Fixed indenting and reduced infoholder array size.
[+] Cached amxbans detection. (suggestion by Nextra)
[+] Allowed fullupdate command until it's detected to be a packeting attempt.
[+] Added three modes: block only, ban, warn then ban, and warning and block only. (suggestion by ConnorMcLeod)

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